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Dramactive Book 2 - 9780170198134
160 Pages

Dramactive Book 2

By | Copyright Year:2005 | ISBN-13: 9780170198134

Following on from the success of Dramactive Book 1 by the same authors, this text is written to meet the requirements of the lower secondary Drama syllabus. From Asian theatre forms to theatre for young people, the text includes many examples of current practice from a range of contemporary theatre practitioners. With similar syllabus statements in many states of Australia, this text will be an invaluable resource for any student completing Drama studies in Years 9 or 10.


Chapter One From page to stage: Interpreting scripts
Students learn to interpret script for performance. The focus is on realism.

Chapter Two Slap it on! Laughter, clowning and stand-up comedy
Students investigate a range of comedic forms and create their own comedy material.

Chapter Three Tell it like it was! Documentary drama
Students research and develop their own documentary drama.

Chapter Four Unreal! Non-realism in Asian theatre forms
Students create their own work drawing on selected Asian Theatre forms and styles.

Chapter Five TYP: Theatre for Young People
Students model the work practices of contemporary TYP companies to create an original work.


Engaging text with a broad range of images to reflect and enhance subject matter

Practical activities, written portfolio activities and student worksheets included in every chapter

Focuses on students tracking their own progress via Learning Outcomes

Links to relevant information online to encourage students to further develop their interests.


By | ISBN-13: 9780170259620
This text has been written to meet the requirements for the Lower Secondary Drama syllabus. This is the first in a two-book series.There is a strong emphasis in this text on students learning through making drama of a particular form. With similar syllabus statements in many states in Australia, these texts will be invaluable for any student completing Drama studies in Years 7, 8 or 9.
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