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Earth Under Pressure: People, Pests and Pollution

By | Copyright Year:2002 | ISBN-13: 9780170950220

This book looks at environmental problems affecting the earth and considers what we in New Zealand can do about them. The content is both local and global.

Earth Under Pressure looks at issues such as
- The problems of population growth in poor countries
- The rapidly growing pressure on water resources
- The effects of widespread destruction of tropical rainforests
- The problems of dealing with increasing wastes
- The causes and likely effects of global warming


1. The issues
2. The terms
People, people everywhere
3. The scary graph – world population growth and the reasons
4. The have-nots – Overpopulation in poor countries
5. Moving to the cities – The world-wide shift to the cities
6. Defusing the population bomb – Controlling population growth
7. The growth of cities – City growth/making cities better places to live
8. Auckland’s transport – An example of the problems of a growing city
Living things under pressure
9. Shrinking rainforests – Destruction of tropical rainforests
10. Shrinking New Zealand habitats – Effects of early Maori and Europeans
11. The invaders – The possum and other invaders
12. Species in danger – The kiwi and biodiversity
13. Biosecurity – preventing invaders – Working to keep the invaders out
Resources under pressure
14. Water, the vital resource – Water issues/dams
15. Resources from the sea – Sustainability/fishing industries
16. Supplying our energy needs – Energy sources
17. Non-renewable resources – Mining
The waste mountain
18. Polluted water – Water pollutants/marine oil spills
19. Polluted air – Smog, acid rain and vehicle pollution
20. Rubbish mountains – Sources of rubbish/landfills
21. Dealing with the rubbish – Reducing and recycling waste
22. Dangerous wastes – Toxic chemicals
The future of the earth
23. Global warming – The greenhouse effect
24. Protecting natural environments – National parks/ecotourism
25. The future of the Earth is in our hands