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Eco 2 Year 12 NCEA Level 2

By | Copyright Year:2012 | ISBN-13: 9780170215718

Eco2 Year 12 NCEA Level 2 has been written to align with the New Zealand Curriculum as well as to provide complete coverage of the new Level Two NCEA Achievement Standards. It has a bright, highly visual, full colour presentation and includes both learning activities and assessment practice.


1. Inflation: defining the issue
2. Measuring inflation using price indexes
3. The consumer price index
4. An Economic Model of Inflation: the quantity theory of money
5. An Economic Model of Inflation: AS/AD model
6. The impacts of inflation
7. Government policy and inflation

1. Employment: defining the issue
2. Counting and measuring
3. Demand for labour: An Economic Model
4. The supply of labour
5. Inflexibility in the labour market
6. Type of unemployment
7. The impacts of unemployment
8. The Government and unemployment

1. What is Trade and why do it?
2. An Economic Model for Trade
3. Free trade versus protectionism
4. Exchange rates
5. Effects of the Exchange rate
6. The balance of payments and international investment position
7. The impacts of trade.
8. Government policies and trade

1. What is growth?
2. Calculating GDP
3. Real GDP and real GDP per capita
4. The role of investment
5. Growth and the AS/AD Economic Model
6. More on investment
7. The impacts of growth
8. The government and growth



Kelly currently teaches pre-service Economics teachers at the Faculty of Education, University of Auckland. She is the co-author of Pathfinder Year 11 Economics, Consumer Economics Book A and Consumer Economics Book B. She has previously held teaching roles at Pakuranga College, Mount Roskill Grammar School and Auckland Girls’ Grammar School. She is also involved in external examination marking, national moderation and seminar presentations in Economics.

Anne currently teaching senior economics at ACG NZIC Auckland. She is the author of the textbooks Eco 1 – Economics for NCEA Level One and Eco 2 – Economics for NCEA Level Two. She previously taught at Birkenhead College, Rangitoto College and Diocesan School for Girls. She is also involved in external examination marking, national moderation and seminar presentations in economics.


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By | ISBN-13: 9780170234177
This teacher resource contains complete answers overlaid on the actual pages of the Eco 2 Plus Workbook.The Eco 2 Plus Workbook provides NCEA style questions which enable students to establish a firmer foundation to their knowledge and application of Economic concepts before leading them onto more complex challenges.
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