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English: General Year 11 - 9780170382762
96 Pages

English: General Year 11

By | Copyright Year:2018 | ISBN-13: 9780170382762

Focusing on language, literacy and literary, English: General Western Australia Year 11, has been written to provide students with the skills required for a broad range of post-secondary pathways.

Prepared specifically for the English: General curriculum, students are introduced to, practice and hone the skills of written and verbal communication throughout this engaging text.


1 Reading skills and strategies
2 Write on
3 Short story study: ‘The Knife’
4 Advertising
5 Special things
6 Work past and present
7 Listen up
8 Autobiography study
9 Producing an autobiographical text
10 Speak up
11 Opinions
12 Short story study: ‘A Moment in Time’
13 Buyer beware
14 Important places
15 Lifestyle
16 Towards work


Rod Quin has a vast array of professional experience in education which has included roles such as senior curriculum officer for the Department of Education and senior education policy advisor. He is currently secretary of ETAWA.

Wendy Cody has been president of ETAWA since 2006 and is widely known throughout the English teaching community. She has taught English for 40 years and is currently Head of English at Carine Senior High School.

Hugh Rayner has been a teacher for over 30 years and has been involved in curriculum development and the writing of three textbooks. He currently teaches English at Shenton College and is Vice President of ETAWA.


A broad range of text types including film, television, short stories, newspaper articles, multimodal texts, biographies, autobiographies, speeches, graphic novels and more.

Rich learning tasks that contribute to teachers’ assessment programs.

Work samples which act as models for students’ own work, including summaries, reports, narratives and correspondence.

Scaffolds for learning tasks explaining the processes, techniques and skills required to create different text types.

Pre-reading tasks accompany passages to give purpose to students’ reading.

Written and discussion activities following passages to develop inferential, critical and applied reading skills.

Detailed explanations of the key reading and writing skills required for success in English and in post-school activities.

Treatment of topical issues such as those related to technology, the environment, society and modern lifestyles.

Real-world case studies, including consumer rights, job hunting, life after school, and work, which build practical communication skills.

Teaching notes available on NelsonNet as a free resource.