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Epidemics Through Time - 9780170216456
32 Pages

Epidemics Through Time

By | Copyright Year:1996 | ISBN-13: 9780170216456

Epidemics Through Time, together with the accompanying Learning Activities Book, is a text which is ideally suited to the new Social Studies curriculum. This book aims to encourage students to think about disease as a global as well as a New Zealand or personal issue. The epidemics that have raged through the population over the centuries do have a voice in the modern world. Plague has never died out. When it erupted in India in 1994, comparisons with 1347 were immediately made. News reports quoted medieval chroniclers. The Middle Ages were speaking again, this time to the 20th century. The content and the exercises for students provide a wide variety of material which cover current issue perspectives in particular and are consistent with the three processes identified in the new curriculum, namely: Inquiry - Values exploration - Social decision making.


Rap on with history
An enquiry into social organization
How society was organized
Europeans didn't know of New Zealand
The rat and flea combination
This must be punishment from God
Plague versus the medieval mind
The impact of the disease
Let's blame the Jews
The black death disorganised society
Plague 20th century style
The great flu epidemic in New Zealand
Resources versus killer diseases
The impact of diseases


Ruth Naumann is an experienced Social Studies teacher and the author of numerous social studies publications.


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