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Esplora! Senior: Student Book and Grammar Booklet

By | Copyright Year:2009 | ISBN-13: 9780170135719

esplora! Senior is an exciting new resource, specifically written for senior secondary students of Italian language. The content, including themes and topics have been developed to assist students in Years 11 and 12 to be prepared and confident in the lead up to their final exam. The series is complemented by a rich website ( with links, activities, a blog and other resources.

The esplora! Senior Student Book contains listening, speaking, reading and writing tasks that cover all prescribed text types and outcomes. Suggestions of relevant movies and books are given for an even more in-depth study of the content.

The chapters are introduced by a full page of Italian images that may be used as analysis tools in themselves. Each chapter is formulated as a stand-alone unit of study to allow for different entry points.

The FREE online Grammar Booklet features clear grammar explanations with tables, examples and grammar hints, and allows students to look up at any language points they want to examine in more depth. It is small and easy to carry around.


1 & 2 Identity and family
3 Technology and the changing world
4 Work and school
5 Health and nutrition
6 Environment
7 Past and future
8 Language, arts and music
9 Issues and relationships
10 Global motion

Each unit also has study tips, text type explanations, phonology made easy, tasks and a page dedicated to relevant 'modi di dire'.


Matthew Absalom is an associate lecturer in Italian Studies at the University of Melbourne. His research interests span linguistics (phonological theory and dialectology) and teaching and learning in higher education (including studying abroad, educational technology and internationalisation of the curriculum).

Sandra Morello is an experienced secondary school teacher. At present, she teaches VCE Italian at St Joseph’s Catholic College, in North Melbourne. In 2007, she was a winner of the Endeavour Fellowship and spent time studying in Italy.


Authentic texts and resources to save teachers time researching and adapting

Great cultural relevance, and many opportunities for intercultural reflections and discussion

Explanations of main grammar points

Explanation of main text types

Italian-English glossaries

An audio CD with listening activities on the texts

A comprehensive Grammar Booklet

High visual appeal, highly photographic, and relevant to modern culture

Task-oriented activities

Linguistic mini-studies and 'new language


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