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Essential Text Types

By | Copyright Year:2015 | ISBN-13: 9780170355568

Essential Text Types has been written by experienced classroom teachers. It is a ready reference tool for students, teachers and parents to assist in the production of more than 30 different types of written texts.
Each text type is presented in a double-page format, with a one-page analysis of the structure of the genre and a one-page example of the text type. This presentation provides the scaffolding and modelling necessary for the development of writing skills.
Essential Text Types is a unique tool for improving writing skills and can be used by students at the middle to upper secondary school level.


Types of text Genres
1 Advertisement Media, Persuasive
2 Agenda and Minutes: business meeting
3 Autobiography / Biography Creative, Informative
4 Brochure / Flyer Media, Persuasive
5 Documentary Informative, Media
6 Editorial Media, Persuasive
7 Essay: comparative Informative, Literary
8 Essay: persuasive Informative, Persuasive
9 Feature Article Informative, Media
10 Film Review Informative, Persuasive, Media
11 Job Application: letter Informative, Persuasive
12 Job Application: résumé Informative
13 Job Interview Informative, Persuasive
14 Letter: business Informative
15 Letter to the Editor Media, Persuasive
16 Narrative Genre: teenage romance
17 Narrative Genre: contemporary novel
18 News Article Informative, Media
19 Nonfiction Informative, Literary
20 Novel: aspects and analysis Informative
21 Novel: essay Informative, Literary
22 Play: drama essay Informative, Literary
23 Play Review Informative, Media, Persuasive
24 Play Script: writing and performing
Creative, Literary
25 Poetry Essay Informative, Literary
26 Reference List Informative
27 Report Informative
28 Research Assignment Informative, Persuasive
29 Shakespearean Drama: aspects and analysis
Informative, Literary
30 Shakespearean Drama: essay Informative, Literary
31 Short Story Creative, Literary
32 Song Creative
33 Speech: occasional Informative
34 Speech: persuasive Informative, Persuasive
35 Textual Intervention Creative, Literary
36 Textual Reconstruction Creative, Literary
37 Website: homepage Informative, Media, Persuasive
38 Website: blog Informative, Media, Persuasive
1 Glossary of Terms
2 Writing Activities
3 Table of Text Types
4 Writing should be fun!


Elli Housden is an experienced English teacher and writer. She has shared her love of literature and writing with students in classrooms in Australia and the UK and published textbooks in both countries.


Texts presented in the guide cover a wide range of genres and include: General academic essays

Specific essays on poetry, plays, the novel and Shakespeare

Formal reports and meetings

Film and play reviews

Narrative fiction, poetry and short stories

Media articles


job applications and interviews