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Excellence In Biology NCEA Level 1

By | Copyright Year:2011 | ISBN-13: 9780170191340

Excellence in Biology Level 1 is written and designed for effective learning of both the Level One Biology Achievement Standards and the Aspects of Biology Achievement Standards in Level One Science, together with coverage of Carbon Cycling for Level One Science.


Part One
1 DNA, chromosomes and cell division
2 Monohybrid (single character) inheritance
Genetics: Assessment Practice

Part Two
3 Introduction to microorganisms: Bacteria and other prokaryotes
4 Fungi
5 Viruses: Living or non-living?
6 Microorganisms that can be harmful to humans
7 Microorganisms that are useful to humans
Microorganisms: Assessment Practice

Part Three
8 How plants grow
9 How plants feed: Obtaining raw materials and energy
10 Reproduction and lifestyle cycle of flowering plants
11 Plant Processes: Assessment Practice

Part Four
12 Mammal as a consumer: Food processing
13 Transport around the body: The human blood system
14 Respiration, gas exchange and breathing
15 Excretion: Getting rid of waste
16 Support and movement: The skeleton-muscular system
17 Sensitivity
18 A new life: Reproduction
Animal Processes: Assessment Practice

Part Five
19 The carbon cycle
20 Humans affect the cycle
Carbon Cycling: Assessment Practice


Comprehensive coverage and clear student-friendly text supported by detailed colour diagrams and photographs.

Each chapter caters for the average student by beginning with an elementary treatment of the most familiar, basic principles, but also fulfills the needs of the more able student by leading on to the more difficult concepts.

Revision questions at the end of each chapter covering basic facts.

Special Extension sections stimulate and extend more able students.

NCEA-style practice assessment questions at the end of each Part.

A comprehensive Glossary provides short definitions of key terms.