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Food Tech Focus Stage 6 Student Book and 4 Access Codes

By | Copyright Year:2018 | ISBN-13: 9780170400572

Food Tech Focus Stage 6 is written for the Stage 6 NSW Food Technology Syllabus, building upon and following the same highly structured format as the hugely popular Food Tech Focus (stage 5) text.

NelsonNet resources available*
Teacher Resources:
• Teacher programs
• Weblinks
• Chapter PDFs
• Answers and suggested responses

Student Resources:
• Activity worksheets
• Video clips with relevant key questions
• Bonus recipes
• Weblinks

*Complimentary access to NelsonNet is available to teachers who use the accompanying student book as a core resource in their classroom. Contact your local education consultant for access codes and conditions.


Section one: Preliminary course
1 Influences on food availability
2 Factors affecting food selection
3 Safe storage of food
4 Safe preparation and
presentation of food
5 Sensory characteristics of food
6 Functional properties of food
7 Food nutrients
8 Diets for optimum nutrition

Section two: HSC course
9 Sectors of the Australian food
10 Aspects of the Australian food
11 Policy and legislation
12 Production and processing of food
13 Preservation of food
14 Packaging, storage and
15 Factors which impact on food
product development
16 Reasons for and types of food
product development
17 Steps in food product
18 Marketing plans
19 Diet and health in Australia
20 Influences on nutritional status


Rosalie Guatieri has taught technology and VET subjects, including food technology, in public secondary schools across Sydney since 1984. She is currently Head Teacher TAS at Georges River College – Peakhurst Campus, which specialises in teaching students in Stage 4 and 5.


‘Food in Focus’ boxes contextualise student learning and highlight food industry career paths.

Practical application activities provide opportunities for students to apply knowledge.

Focus and core strand chapter review questions for students to review and apply their learning.

HSC exam-style topic questions consolidate students’ knowledge to prepare for exams.

Prepares students for the HSC, further studies and careers in the food industry.