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Friday Afternoon A-Level Biology Reource Pack and CD

By | Copyright Year:2009 | ISBN-13: 9780340966631

Friday Afternoon Biology is packed with many fun and engaging revision activities. The activities have been chosen to allow students to apply their knowledge using a variety of learning styles, and to review and reinforce their understanding of key terms and concepts. They include a host of popular games like bingo, dominoes and a range of card games. These enjoyable activities make revision exercises fun and can be used at any point within a lesson. The pack is fully photocopiable and once the teacher has a set of cards prepared they can be used over and over with all groups, bringing variety and fun to any revision session. The free CD-ROM provides a PDF version of the pack for easy printing. Also included in the pack: a specification matching chart to allow easy integration into any course, answers, suggested timings and teaching notes.


1 Cell structure and function
AS Diamonds: Cells and microscopy
AS Dominoes: Cell structure
AS Play your cards right: Cell organelles
AS Triominoes: Cell organelles
2 Cell division
AS Diamonds: Cell division
AS Dominoes: Mitosis
AS Matching: Mitosis
AS Triominoes: Meiosis
3 Biological molecules
AS Bingo: Enzymes
AS Dominoes: Enzymes
AS Matching: Nucleic acids
AS Play your cards right: Biological molecules
4 Transport and exchange
AS Bingo: Heart and circulation
AS Diamonds: Cardiac cycle
AS Dominoes: Heart and circulation
AS Dominoes: Membranes
AS Jigsaw: Transport across membranes
AS Matching: Heart and heart disease
5 Genes and DNA technology
A2 Bingo: DNA technology
AS/A2 Matching: Genetics
A2 Sequencing: DNA fingerprinting/electrophoresis
A2 Sequencing: Protein synthesis
A2 Sequencing: Recombinant DNA technology
6 Ecology
A2 Bingo: Ecology
A2 Dominoes: Ecology
A2 Jigsaw: Carbon and nitrogen cycles
A2 Matching: Ecological terms
7 Photosynthesis and respiration
A2 Bingo: Respiration and photosynthesis
A2 Dominoes: Respiration
A2 Sequencing: Photosynthesis
A2 Triominoes: Photosynthesis
8 Nervous and hormonal control
A2 Dominoes: Blood glucose
A2 Dominoes: Thermoregulation
A2 Jigsaw: Nervous system
A2 Sequencing: Nerve impulses and synapses
9 Classification
AS Play your cards right: Classification
AS Matching: Classification


Provides a range of enjoyable and engaging activities to develop learning styles and reinforce knowledge and understanding of key concepts

Activities can be adapted for individual, paired or group work

Activities can be used flexibly in revision sessions or throughout the course