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Global Shakespeare: Introducing Shakespeare

By | Copyright Year:1997 | ISBN-13: 9780176066109


Each book includes the complete text of the play, margin notes, and a collection of related readings to make Shakespeare relevant for today's students.



Act One: Speak the speech...trippingly

Act Two: The play's the thing...

Act Three: Not marble, nor the gilded monuments
shall outlive these Sonnets



Each volume includes the complete text of the play, marginal notes, and a substantial collection of related readings from around the world.

Related readings inspired by the play, including poetry, short fiction, literary criticism, and contemporary drama, highlight the universal appeal of ShakespeareUs work and help students connect Shakespeare with their own lives and interests.

Marginal notes lead students to a thorough understanding of the material.

Information on the date, sources, themes, and appeal of the play, notes on ShakespeareUs use of verse and prose, and common stage directions all help to set a context for the play.

The Global Shakespeare Series is faithful to ShakespeareUs full original texts. Spelling and punctuation have been modernized to make the plays accessible to todayUs readers. For the last 200 years, many editors have chosen to arrange and re-arrange ShakespeareUs words to create a consistent iambic pentameter in the text. Shakespeare did not do this in his original text, and The Global Shakespeare