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History Skills NCEA Level 1 Workbook - 9780170352581
144 Pages

History Skills NCEA Level 1 Workbook

By | Copyright Year:2016 | ISBN-13: 9780170352581

History Skills for NCEA Level 1 is a workbook that will help you develop the same set of skills and tools used by historians to make sense of the past. The first of these involves finding and assessing the usefulness and reliability of information from both primary and secondary sources. The second set of skills will be those used to analyse primary sources to extract meaning, both of what there is in a source and what is missing from the source(s). It is thus as important for the historian to recognise gaps in the evidence as it is to analyse the available material. The third and final set of skills involves communicating the ideas gained from the analysis of the evidence in the form of a convincing historical argument, backed with plenty of relevant evidence. The most common form for doing this is through an essay.


Inquiry Skills and Sources

1 Primary and secondary sources/evident
Types of evidence: primary and secondary

2 Recording source details
Recording source details for a book
Recording source details for a website
Recording source details for a documentary

3 Searching for sources of relevant information
Searching in books
- Contents page
- Index
- Headings
- Topic sentences
Searching the internet
- Key words in the question
- Checking website reading levels
- Some other useful websites
- Quick searching on a webpage
- Using Wikipedia
Searching for primary sources

4 Source reliability
- Books
- Websites
- Other sources of information
o Historical documentaries
o Historical films
o History magazines or journals
o Electronic databases/encyclopaedia
- Secondary source reliability
o Some final website reliability issues to be aware of

5 Primary source analysis
o Written sources
o Newspapers
o Visual sources
o Altered images
o Analysing political cartoons
- Source reliability: fact versus opinion
o Detecting opinions
o When FACT and OPINION are harder to detect

6 Secondary source analysis
- Usefulness
- Selecting relevant information/annotations

7 Inquiry source analysis template and exemplar

Essay Writing Skills

8 Essay structure
- Review of a basic literacy skill

9 Paragraph structure

10 Planning

11 Paragraph topic sentences

12 Paragraph structure activities

13 Paragraph critiquing and marking

14 Essay introductions (and conclusions)

15 Essay planning and writing summary

16 Annotated essay exemplar
- Easy marking code



Covers a range of skills including inquiry skills and source analysis and essay writing skills.