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How Science Works in Biology AS/A2 Resource Pack: Case Studies in Biolgical Molecules

By | Copyright Year:2009 | ISBN-13: 9780340972441

This new photocopiable pack forms part of a series of resources to teach and study How Science Works in biology, a core QCA requirement of the new specifications. Each pack in the series is relevant to all new specifications and presents around 20 up-to-date and relevant topics using worksheets with resources, exercises and questions. The exercises are designed to develop a range of HSW skills and make students aware of the impact of science on their daily lives and on society as a whole. Each topic comes with teacher’s notes, comprising lesson plans, answers to questions and suggestions for further discussion. The content of each pack is also available in pdf format on an accompanying free CD.


Introduction • Topic 1 Hydrogen bonds and water
• Topic 2 Water, plants and fl y traps • Topic 3 An
osmosis experiment • Topic 4 Protein and diet •
Topic 5 An enzyme experiment • Topic 6 Enzymes
and rate of • Topic 7 Mucus • Topic 8 Cystic
fibrosis, mucus and enzymes • Topic 9 Pancreatic
enzymes and cystic fibrosis • Topic 10 Comparing
slimming pills • Topic 11 Pesticide biosensor •
Topic 12 Vitamin C content of potato • Topic
13 Vitamin C and collagen • Topic 14 School
meals – changing habits! • Topic 15 Phosphate
and calcium ions plants! • Topic 17 Cellulose and
root strength • Topic 18 Proteins and diagnosis of
disease • Topic 19 DNA, genome and proteome •
Topic 20 Chromatography and barley


Planned lessons to teach How Science Works in biology

Activities and worksheets to help students develop practical, analytical and critical skills

Ideas for applying knowledge to novel and unfamiliar material.

Save hours of preparation time

Can be adapted in the event of staff absence