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How to... Achieve in Year 10 English

By | Copyright Year:2019 | ISBN-13: 9780170425988

This new 2nd edition keeps its focus on the core skills that personal writing requires, and the idea that reading, writing and responding to text, whether written, visual or oral, demand for success in life as well as in school.

The information and exercises offered here will help a Year 10 student to prepare for and to revise classroom work. A student will be able to use the material provided in an ad hoc way, dipping into the appropriate chapters to support their understanding of what is being taught at school.

How to Achieve in Year 10 English will also be useful in the classroom as a support for the material all teachers cover in Year 10 English courses, as they help their students improve their use of the English language through reading, viewing, listening and responding to text in English, both fiction and non-fiction.

All students need to read, understand and write in English with confidence to succeed in life as well as at school. How to Achieve in Year 10 English sets out to help New Zealand students cope with their study of English in a world that may seem to be changing rapidly but where the essentials for reading and writing remain the same.


Making Meaning
Introduction to Making Meaning
How to … close read
How to … close read a written text
How to … close read a poem
How to … close read a visual text
How to … close read an oral text
How to … read a graphic text
How to … study and write about literary text

Creating Meaning
Introduction to Creating Meaning
How to … create meaning with written texts
How to … write a formal essay
How to … write a blog
How to … write creatively
How to … personally respond to text in creative ways
How to … create meaning with oral texts
How to … write and present a successful speech
How to … produce and prepare a dramatic monologue
How to … create meaning with visual texts
How to … make a visual text (old ‘static image)
How to … use PowerPoint effectively


Language activities


By | ISBN-13: 9780170415958
This 2nd edition of the ever-popular How to ... Achieve in Year 9 English has been updated to reflect current teaching and curriculum changes. While still focusing on teaching essential skills quickly and effectively, resources and activities have been updated. Each unit in the textbook: • Introduces a skill. • Outlines the generic structure involved. • Highlights any significant style and language features. • Gives an annotated example. • Gives an example for students to work through.
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