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Human Cargo

By | Copyright Year:2017 | ISBN-13: 9780170389327

Population mobility, migrants and refugees, is about migration in all its forms – immigration, emigration, forced, voluntary, historical, contemporary, future, international, internal, mobility and population change – and its causes and results.

Each unit is stand-alone with skill-based activities designed to be accessible to all ability groups.

Topical content written from a New Zealand perspective/context.

The largest migrations in human history are described along with coverage of topical issues such as the refugee crisis in Europe and human trafficking.


1. What human migration is
2. Push and pull factors
3. Refuges
4. Asylum seekers
5. International migration
6. Internal migration
7. Child migrants
8. How a country produces migrants
9. Illegal immigration
10. Migrant routes
11. People smuggling
12. Human trafficking
13. Unplanned population explosion
14. Problem-solving
15. White slave cargo
16. Indentured migrants
17. Nation of immigrants
18. Westward migration
19. Dust bowl migration
20. Impact of migration on places
21. Migrants punch above their weight
22. Irish diaspora
23. Early Polynesian migration to Aotearoa
24. White immigration policy
25. Hot migration issue
26. Trans Tasman migration
27. Transportation was forces migration
28. Zero tolerance
29. Germans expelled after World War II
30. Aliyah and Nakba
31. India into two populations
32. Vietnamese boat people
33. Dam causes migration
34. Urbanisation
35. Counterurbanisation
36. Attitudes to immigrants
37. Xenophobia
38. Effects of migration
39. Future environmental migrants
40. The future


Ruth Naumann is an experienced Social Studies teacher and the author of numerous social studies publications.


Strands – Identity, Culture and Organisation; Place and Environment, Continuity and Change

Perspectives – Future, Current Issues, Multicultural

Settings – Global, New Zealand

Essential skills - Communication, Numeracy, Information, Problem-solving, Self-management and competitive, Social and cooperative, Work and study

Essential learning about New Zealand society – Maori migration, British migration, current events and issues

Processes – Social enquiry, Values exploration, Social decision making