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In Our Own Image: The Story of Australian Art

By | Copyright Year:2002 | ISBN-13: 9780170360357

Explores the development of Australia’s identity and experience through the world of art
The text draws on a wide range of critical and historical sources
Painting, photography and sculpture discussed in every chapter
In Focus – A feature study in each chapter profiling either an artist, an artwork, architect or photographer and providing specific activities to explore and extend the topic
Our House and Our City – a series of double-page spreads filtered through the book, which are snapshots of domestic and civil architecture throughout Australia’s history
Critical and Historical investigations – graded activities in each chapter
Chronological approach with themes woven throughout the text
Highlighted glossary words/terms throughout the text
Increased content on indigenous artists
Increased content on women artists
Accessible and lively writing style.


Chapter 1: Terra Australis before 1788
Chapter 2: Art of the Colony 1788-1820
Chapter 3: Eureka 1850-1880
Chapter 4: Creating Australia 1880-1901
Chapter 5: Cutting the ties-Federation 1901-1910
Chapter 6: Exodus 1911-1920
Chapter 7: The Modern Artist 1913-1940
Chapter 8: Images of modern evil 1933-1950
Chapter 9: The battle of styles 1951-1960
Chapter 10: Rocking and rolling 1960s-1970s
Chapter 11: Into the new century 1990-2001