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International English Coursebook 2

By | Copyright Year:2010 | ISBN-13: 9780340959428

A brand new coursebook, complete with audio CD, in a three-level lower secondary ESL programme designed to boost students' abilities and confidence in English. Each unit is divided into sections dealing with different aspects of language and skills development, including grammar, language, vocabulary, study and research skills, etc., The audio CD includes all the texts read aloud by native speakers. Attractively illustrated and presented and thoroughly researched, this resource will give a perfect grounding in ESL for those requiring either a stand-alone course or preparation for the IGCSE or an equivalent qualification.


Unit 1: Stories
Unit 2: Myths
Unit 3: World
Unit 4: Early Music
Unit 5: Modern Music
Unit 6: Modern and Early Sounds
Unit 7: Pictures
Unit 8: TV and Cinema
Unit 9: The Internet
Unit 10: People
Unit 11: Oil!
Unit 12: Resource management
Unit 13: Intelligence
Unit 14: The Human Brain
Unit 15: Animals' Brain and Intelligence
Unit 16: Ancient Societies
Unit 17: The World Today
Unit 18: Society


Dedicated ESL course for lower secondary students

Perfect preparation for the IGCSE and equivalent courses

Full-colour and attractively illustrated to suit global market requirements

Accompanied by an audio CD