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International Science: Workbook 3

By | Copyright Year:2010 | ISBN-13: 9780340965993

The third book in a three-level science series covering the lower secondary grades and designed for children in English-medium schools, for whom English is not the first language.


1 Testing for substances
2 Photosynthesis
3 Plants from seeds
4 Adaptation and variation
5 Ecosystems and feeding relationships
6 Human activity and ecosystems
7 Atoms and the periodic table
8 Reactions of metals and their compounds
9 Metals and the reactivity series
10 More about chemical reactions
11 Density and pressure
12 Forces and movement
13 Electrostatics and charge
14 Electricity


Dedicated ESL Science course designed for lower secondary students

Perfect preparation for the IGCSE and equivalent courses

Well-illustrated to suit global market requirements