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Jazz and Rock Teacher Resource Book - 9780170400558
384 Pages

Jazz and Rock Teacher Resource Book

By | Copyright Year:2007 | ISBN-13: 9780170400558

The Jazz and Rock Resource is a comprehensive teacher resource offering in-depth coverage of the jazz and rock mediums in two separate sections. The resource explains and illustrates the origin of style varieties from a historical and musical angle, and includes a CD with over 250 printable worksheets and exercises. Following on from the success of the recently published 'Music Explained', this flexible resource will be an invaluable addition to all secondary Music departments.


To the teacher

Part one Jazz
Chapter 1 The origins of Jazz
Chapter 2 New Orleans
Chapter 3 Ragtime and Stride
Chapter 4 Blues
Chapter 5 Chicago
Chapter 6 Boogie Woogie
Chapter 7 The Swing Era
Chapter 8 Bebop
Chapter 9 Latin Jazz
Chapter 10 Cool Jazz
Chapter 11 Free Form
Chapter 12 Jazz Rock
Chapter 13 Jazz Today
Chapter 14 Jazz in Australia

Part two Rock
Chapter 15 Rock?n?roll
Chapter 16 Rise of Teen Pop
Chapter 17 The British Invasion
Chapter 18 The Rise of Rock Music
Chapter 19 Folk Protest Music
Chapter 20 Progressive Rock
Chapter 21 Punk and Funk
Chapter 22 Reggae
Chapter 23 The Second British Invasion
Chapter 24 Hip Hop (Rap)
Chapter 25 House Music
Chapter 26 Australian Rock
Chapter 27 Indigenous Rock
Chapter 28 Popular Music Today


362 pages plus a CD-ROM an abundance of printable worksheets and exercises

Written by the highly respected author of The Rock Book—offers a wealth of valuable teaching material of the highest quality

Includes a wide range of chord charts and exercises

Includes dedicated Australian chapters plus Australian examples

Teacher tips for practical application throughout