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Katakana in 48 minutes Workbook

By | Copyright Year:2018 | ISBN-13: 9780170416689

Katakana in 48 Minutes is a fun and easy way for students to practise Japanese script. The workbook complements the highly successful Katakana in 48 Minutes flashcards, which utilises mnemonics so students can create picture associations to memorise katakana characters. The workbook offers a level-based approach to pace student learning and with tests at the end of each level consolidates learning and gives a sense of achievement.


1 ア to オ
2 カ to コ
3  ガ to ゴ
4  サtoソ
5  ザ toゾ
6  タ toト
7  ダ to ド
8  ナ –ノ
9  ハ toホ
10 バ to ポ
11 マ toヨ
12 ラtoン
13 Similar katakana
14 Long vowels
15 Combination sounds
16 Double consonants
17 Special sounds
18 Vertical writing
19 Words in topics
20 Solutions


By | ISBN-13: 9780170373272
Katakana in 48 Minutes Student Card Set has been developed to encourage students to use their imagination and to be adventurous. Practical in shape and size, it provides a visual stimulus for students using the Association Method of Language Learning. This highly successful mnemonic system uses picture associations and worksheets to reinforce learning and allow students to record their own cues.
$23.59 Available
By | ISBN-13: 9780170373289
Katakana in 48 Minutes Teacher Card Set contains flashcards to support the teaching and learning of the Japanese syllabus. Students are encouraged to link the shape and the sound of Katakana characters with a familiar word, image, or concept.
$43.59 Available