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Look it Up! - 9780170421775
200 Pages

Look it Up!

By | Copyright Year:2019 | ISBN-13: 9780170421775

Look it Up! is a practical, easy-to-use reference book that follows the Australian Curriculum: English and covers the skills and knowledge of writing, reading, speaking, listening and viewing. Students can use this tool as a quick guide to language conventions, such as checking spelling or determining proper punctuation. The guide includes chapter review graded questions and activities to help students prepare for NAPLAN tests and is updated to include a range of digital texts, including websites, social media and emails.


1 Language conventions: spelling
2 Language conventions: punctuation
3 Language conventions: grammar
4 Language conventions: usage
5 Language: register and style
6 Publishing your writing
7 Fiction
8 Information
9 Argument
10 More written texts
11 Electronic texts
12 Oral texts
13 Viewing images
14 Visual texts
15 Literary terms


Peter Forrestal is a freelance writer who has been a teacher, an educational consultant and a curriculum writer. After authoring, co-authoring or editing 33 books and conducting workshops on English teaching throughout Australia and internationally, he was lured into the impoverished life of a wine writer. Some say that the high life of gourmet food and wine beats marking essays and yard duty. Peter is more circumspect as he ponders the next tasting of 90 pinot grigios (before lunch) and yet another impossible deadline.

Laura Deiru is an experienced English Secondary teacher who has led in-services on curriculum development for English teachers.


Samples of text types are clearly annotated so their main features can be seen.

Information on publishing conventions, including the use of technology and referencing texts.

Full-colour design and visual examples.

A glossary of literary terms.