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Magic and Illusion! - 9780170229401
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Magic and Illusion!

By | Copyright Year:2013 | ISBN-13: 9780170229401

Get ready for some amazing magical effects and awe-inspiring illusions! In this book you'll meet Lee Cohen, a talented magician who performs unique magic shows and teaches magic to students. Then twelve-year-old Tim Mason opens the door to his magic room, where he spends hours practising his magic tricks, and world-class illusionist Simon Coronel explains the craft of illusion. Learn about the real-life magic of David Copperfield, and decide whether Jean Eugène Robert-Houdin or Harry Houdini was the most influential illusionist in history.


Magician, Lee Cohen
Success in Magic
Lee's "Magic" Pets
A Clown's Magic Show
Lee Takes her Magic to South Africa
Inside Tim's Magic Room
Tim's Magical Journey
Magic Builds Tim's Confidence
Tim on TV
A Famous Big-Stage Illusionist
A World-Championship Illusionist
World's Most Influential Illusionist - Robert Houdin or Houdini?