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Making Art Connections: Visual Arts Years 7 and 8

By | Copyright Year:2011 | ISBN-13: 9780070281592

Engage your junior students with Making Art Connections, the exciting new practice-based Visual Arts text that focuses on students' own experiences creating art, while introducing them to new language, concepts and the world of a diverse range of artists. The text explores a variety of engaging themes,
while each chapter offers a choice of art forms and art making activities. Links are drawn between students' own art making experiences and the artists, artworks and audiences that surround them, providing a rich learning experience.


Part 1: The world of people
Chapter 1 Facing the world
Chapter 2 Shadow people
Chapter 3 Moving people
Chapter 4 Watching people
Chapter 5 Crowds + isolated People

Part 2: The world of nature
Chapter 6 Water creatures
Chapter 7 The life of plants
Chapter 8 Domestic creatures
Chapter 9 Creatures of the street
Chapter 10 Creatures of the air

Part 3: The World of Objects
Chapter 11 Ordinary objects/extraordinary objects
Chapter 12 Shells, fossils and bones
Chapter 13 Stop the machines!
Chapter 14 Personal objects

Part 4: The world of places and spaces
Chapter 15 Looking down on the land
Chapter 16 Responding to the landscape
Chapter 17 It’s my space
Chapter 18 The built world


Chris Bates was formerly Head Teacher of Visual Arts at Hornsby Girls’ High School and is now painting and writing full-time.

Megan Booth is currently teaching Visual Arts at Hornsby Girls’ High School in New South Wales.

Sean O’Keeffe is currently teaching Visual Arts at Lithgow High School in New South Wales.


Focuses on student art making

Introduces the structures and concepts of the syllabus: (1) The Conceptual Framework (2) The Frames (3) Practice: Ideas and Actions

Art-making forms addressed include drawing, painting, graphics, sculpture, photography, film making, stop frame animation, design and installation

Covers a broad range of artists from different cultures, genders and historical periods

Focuses on documenting student art making, ideas and actions in a Visual Arts Process Diary

Research and assignment tasks on artworks, art forms, techniques and materials

eText includes a searchable PDF copy of text plus worksheets, a gallery of student artworks and links to online resources

Supported by an Online Learning Centre that provides teaching strategies and interviews with artists


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