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Management Accounting & Decision-making: Senior Accounting Textbook/Workbook NCEA Level 3

By | Copyright Year:2006 | ISBN-13: 9780170962797

The Senior Accounting Series is a range of student workbooks with extensive course notes that has been designed for senior secondary courses and introductory courses at tertiary level. Although it is primarily based on the prescriptions for the National Certificate of Educational Achievement, Levels 3 and 4, the series is suitable for use in other courses where students have already mastered the essential elements of the accounting cycle.

Management Accounting provides coverage of two commonly used management accounting techniques: cash budgeting and cost-volume-profit analysis, together with a chapter introducing the job order costing system. An introduction to the decision-making process is included, with coverage of the different types of decisions made by managers and the information required to inform the process. The workbook provides detailed summary notes with fully worked examples and explanations at a level suitable for students who have no previous knowledge of management accounting.

In addition to the study notes, the workbook provides a variety of tasks, giving students the opportunity to relate the conceptual framework to real world accounting scenarios. The tasks are interspersed with the course notes, resulting in logical flow and content development. Space for completing the tasks is included so that, upon completion of the tasks, the student has a compact summary of notes and applications in a single volume.


1. Decision-making and Budgets
Making Business Decisions
Preparing the Cash Budget
Collections from Accounts Receivable
More Complex Cash Budgets

2. Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis
Cost Behaviour
Breakeven Analysis
Contribution Margin Percentage
Making Decisions
Assumptions Made in Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis

3. Job Order Costing
The Manufacturing Environment
The Job Order Cost System
The Job Cost Card
Accounting for GST
Over- and Under-applied Overhead
Subsidiary Ledgers


Lilian Viitakangas is an educational consultant. She was a Senior Tutor at The University of Auckland, where she specialised in teacher education and the teaching of introductory accounting courses. Formerly HOD Business Studies at Glenfield College, Lilian has more than twenty years’ teaching experience spanning secondary, tertiary and adult education both in New Zealand and overseas. Lilian is a former examiner for University Entrance, Bursaries and Scholarships, the New Zealand Education & Scholarship Trust and the Sixth Form External Examination in accounting.

Alastair Campbell is a Specialist Classroom Teacher and HOD Business Studies at Macleans College. He has an extensive business background in accounting, sales and marketing and is an experienced marker of external accounting examinations at various levels.


Suggested solutions to the tasks are available for teachers on CD direct from Cengage Learning.