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Maths in the Real World: Earning Money

By | Copyright Year:2012 | ISBN-13: 9780170217118

Mathematics in the Real World is a series of theme-based books identifying the necessary mathematical skills and knowledge needed in particular areas for the future. The books also cover key aspects of the New Zealand Mathematics and Statistics for New Zealand Curriculum. The skill requirements of the NCEA Level 1 Achievement Standards and remaining Unit Standards will be covered, enabling students to be examined in these NCEA qualifications. They also address the requirements of the Numeracy Project.

Mathematics in the Real World is aimed at those students who wish to pursue a non-academic career but for whom mathematics is an essential component of their trade training or life in the future. The series focuses on:
• Practice with basic mathematics and calculation skills, so essential in the transition from school to the next stage in their development - flatting, working, travelling, buying a car
• Opportunities to apply mathematics in practical everyday New Zealand situations - making budgets, shopping, earning money, paying bills, planning a trip, owning a car
• An awareness of their individual rights and responsibilities, and the range of community facilities available to them.


Literacy and Numeracy Strands for NCEA Level One
Earning money

Types of income
Extra payments
Deductions and taxation
Wage rates
Self employment

Putting it all into practice
Achievement Standards 91026
Achievement Standards 23739



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