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Mini Vol 2 Workbook

By | Copyright Year:2009 | ISBN-13: 9780170178686

A perfect introduction to French study, Mini Vol can be used both in starter classes for beginners and also as an additional multi-media resource for any year level. Mini Vol 1 and Mini Vol 2 are one-colour workbooks with 48 pages of activities created specifi cally to promote cultural awareness and useful language. They can each be used to cover beginner level French study and are affordable for use in brief taster courses.

Mini Vol provides lesson-based resources for meaningful teaching and learning through multimedia presentations. The content is highly engaging, relevant, fun and easy for both students and teachers. It works perfectly with whiteboards and projectors and can also be used by students on their own computers and laptops.

Each lesson links interactively with the Teacher CD-ROM. The Teacher CD-ROM offers speech acts in colourful, easy-touse Flash presentations, with video and audio. The colourful modern slides introduce and recycle meaningful language, offering many opportunities to practice good pronunciation while learning about French culture and its relationship with

In line with the Essential Learnings, cultural information is contextualised and requires the students to deduce and draw conclusions. The material is embedded in the text and in the Teacher CD-ROM Flash presentations.


1 La France… et mon pays

2 La présence française

3 Des mots – français et anglais

4 Le français dans le monde

5 Un lien très particulier

6 Les Français découvrent l’Australie

7 Les Français en Australie se font remarquer

8 Liens françaisaustraliens le Queensland

9 Liens françaisaustraliens la Nouvelle – Galles du Sud

10 Liens françaisaustralien: le Victoria

11 Liens françaisaustraliens: la Tasmanie

12 Liens françaisaustraliens: l’Australie – Méridionale

13 Liens françaisaustraliens: l’Australie – Occidentale

14 Des liens français: la Nouvelle-Zélande

15 La France en symboles

16 joyeuse fêtes!

17 Des Français célèbres

18 Partir en France



Jane Zemiro was educated in Australia and in France. She taught in state high schools in New South Wales, and then worked as a Senior Lecturer in teacher education at the University of Sydney. She was awarded the Palmes Académiques by the French Government in 2000. She has co-written a great variety of French language resources. She has extensive experience as an educational presenter and trainer.


Mini Vol 2 offers 18 lessons and especially focuses on the history of the French and the French in Australia and New Zealand. This draws on current and past France-Australia and France-New Zealand connections using fun stories and interesting ‘real people’ and facts.


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