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Modern Revolutions: Their Character and Influence

By | Copyright Year:1997 | ISBN-13: 9780170091565

Modern Revolutions: Their Character and Influence offers a comprehensive analysis of several of the major social and political revolutions of modern times.

These studies of such major events as the American, French, Russian and Chinese revolutions include both an examination of the social, intellectual and political unrest that precipitated the overthrow of the existing order and the cultural revolution that inevitably followed.

Written by a highly experienced and respected historian, Modern Revolutions has been prepared as a primary text for either upper secondary or tertiary level.


1 The End of Obedience: Challenging Authority in the Modern World
2 The Nature of Modern Social and Political Revolutions
3 The Revolution in the American Colonies
4 The Political and Cultural Revolutions in France 1789-1815
5 A Call to Revolution: The Challenge of Socialism
6 The Bolshevik Revolution in Russia in 1917
7 The Consolidation of the Communist Political and Cultural Revolution in Russia and the USSR
8 The Collapse of Communism in Europe: Another Revolution?
9 European Imperialism in China and the First Chinese Revolution
10 The Communist Revolution of Chinese Society
11 The Continuing Revolution in China in the Post-Mao Years
12 Revolution in Cuba
13 Revolutions reviewed


Completely revised and updated material

Extensive range of primary sources

Theme questions introducing each chapter

Enquiry approach used throughout

Review questions to consolidate knowledge and skills

Up-to-date research


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