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My Mother Tongue Student Book - 9780170122696
304 Pages

My Mother Tongue Student Book

By | Copyright Year:2006 | ISBN-13: 9780170122696

My Mother Tongue is a brand new Chinese Language text that has been purpose-written for senior secondary students. The content-it's themes, topics and levels-has been developed in accordance with the Chinese Study Designs and Collaborative Curriculum and Assessment Framework for Languages (CCAFL).

My Mother Tongue is aimed at 1st language students. The content is presented in a range of text types and addresses relevant themes and topics in appropriate breadth and depth.

Chinese, as with some other LOTEs, is to be divided into streams:
- First language (background speaker)
- Second language
- Second language advanced

The text contains ten stand-alone chapters that allow for a number of entry points. It also features authentic text and resources that teachers usually have difficulty finding, recreating or compiling.

My Mother Tongue features vocabulary lists at the end of the book and a glossary of key vocabulary that includes pinyin.

My Mother Tongue is accompanied by text-type, context, background information and suggested classroom activities.


1 Myth of China
- Old legends
- Dayu tames the river
- King Songzaiganbu and Princess Wencheng
- Folklore and festival
- On festival
- Story of the seventh evening of the seventh moon
- Poem: Yearning

2 Education and careers
- Traditional education
- Childhood education in China and the West
- Careers and social responsibilities
- The relationship between careers and society
- Philosophy of life

3 Family
- Changes in the Chinese family
- Cozy nest: Four generations under one roof
- The single child: Is it good to be raised by grandparents?
- Confessions of a single child
- Single children: Parasites or pillars of society?
- The Newest phenomena: The single parent
- Confessions of the DINK''s

4 Economy and business culture
- The economy at a glance
- Business protocols and etiquette
- 'Connections' and 'face'

5 Literature and the arts
- A poetic nation
- Novels and essays
- Beijing Opera
- Films

6 Gender
- Women in traditional society
- Women hold up half the sky
- The iron woman

7 The new generation
- Juvenile issues
- The hi-tech kids
- The generation gap

8 The philosophy of eating in China
- 'Eating is #1'
- Cuisines and cooking
- Behind the banquet

9 Green China
- Exhausting resources
- Polluting the air
- Environmental protection and economic development

10 Beijing Olympics: 2008
- The moment of the announcement
- Beijing Olympics: Green, hi-tech and cultured
- Beijing after the 2008 Olympics


Wei Ha is Vice-President of the Chinese Language Teachers’ Association of Victoria, Australia. He is also Head of Chinese at Camberwell Grammar School, Victoria, Australia.

Jixing Xu is President of the Chinese Language Teachers’ Association of Victoria, Australia. He is also Head of Chinese at Scotch College, Victoria, Australia.


A comprehensive student grammar booklet

High interest and high visual appeal

Suggested classroom activities and discussion points for most texts

A Glossary of key vocabulary from every text

A highly photographic, magazine style layout


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