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NCEA Business Studies: A Workbook at Level 3 - 9780170352598
176 Pages

NCEA Business Studies: A Workbook at Level 3

By | Copyright Year:2016 | ISBN-13: 9780170352598

NCEA Business Studies: A workbook @ Level 3 is designed for students studying Level 3 Business Studies external achievement standards. While some prior knowledge is expected from NCEA Level 2 Business Studies or other Business courses such as the Cambridge International Examination, compatible subjects including accounting, economics or involved in the Young Enterprise Scheme (YES) studied by students will find this workbook a useful guide.

The workbook contains activities, research tasks, NCEA-style questions, references and key notes to help students demonstrate understanding of the key aspects for business and apply these to the problems faced by those same businesses. The key themes to be covered include:

• Functions of Business
• Business Management
• People in Business
• Business Environment

Included are case studies and examples to supplement classroom activities and prepare students for the external assessments of 91379 (3.1), 91380 (3.2) and 91381 (3.3).


Unit 1:
Achievement Standard 90379 (3.1): Demonstrate understanding of how internal factors interact within a business that operates in a global context.
Students are expected to demonstrate understanding of the following business knowledge, concepts, and content.
Unit 1.1 Innovation – by product, by process. Risk and Opportunities.
Unit 1.2 Innovation – corporate cultures and strategies to encourage innovation.
Unit 1.3 Intellectual Property Management
Unit 1.4 Quality Management – quality assurance, quality control, Kaizen and LEAN.
Unit 1.5 Change Management

Unit 2:
Achievement Standard 90380 (3.2): Demonstrate understanding of strategic response to external factors by a business that operates in a global context.
Students are expected to demonstrate understanding of the following business knowledge, concepts, and content.
Unit 2.1 Multinationals – threats and opportunities
Unit 2.2 Societal expectations of business
Unit 2.3 Changes in the global business environment
Unit 2.4 Business support agencies
Unit 2.5 Cultural intelligence

Unit 3:
Achievement Standard 90381 (3.3): Apply business knowledge to address a complex problem(s) in a given global business context.
Students are expected to apply knowledge to address problems arising from the following:
Unit 3.1 Supply Chain issues including outsourcing, distribution and procurement.
Unit 3.2 Business location issues
Unit 3.3 Quality Management issues preproduction, during production and post production.
Unit 3.4 Capital Investment decision making
Unit 3.5 Unexpected risks in business expansion.

Exam preparation

Relevant New Zealand business examples for Level 3
Case study 1 Air New Zealand
Case study 2 Hewlett Packard (HP) New Zealand
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Course notes

Practice exercises

Research tasks

NCEA style questions

NCEA exam answer suggestions

New Zealand case studies and examples

A glossary of business terms


ISBN-13: 9780170352789
NCEA Business Studies: A Workbook @ Level 3 is an up-to-date comprehensive workbook designed to assist students to perform at their best in NCEA Level 3 NCEA Business Studies. This full colour Teacher Resource contains complete suggested answers for all questions overlaid on their actual pages of the workbook.
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