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New QMaths 12B

By | Copyright Year:2010 | ISBN-13: 9780170227032

New QMaths raises the benchmark for Years 11 – 12 Mathematics in Queensland. The new edition of this popular series has retained the strong features of previous editions.

The new QMaths series is also available on NelsonNet. NelsonNet is your portal to the premium digital resources for Nelson student books. These resources may include worksheets and tests, quizzes, videos and animations, and an online/offline NelsonNetBook viewing. Visit to find out more, register and log in. Please note that complementary access to NelsonNet is only available to teachers who use the accompanying student book as a core resource in their classroom. Contact your sales representative for information about access codes and conditions.
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1 Quadratic, cubic and polynomial functions

2 Derivatives of sine and cosine

3 Exponential and logarithmic functions and derivatives

4 Integration

5 Binomial and normal distributions

6 Optimisation I

7 Practical integration techniques

8 Financial applications

9 Graphs and transformations

10 Trigonometric equations

11 Optimisation II

Chapters 10 and 11 are short chapters to allow for the Short Term 4.


Ross Brodie has worked as a classroom teacher and Mathematics Head of Department at a number of regional and metropolitan secondary schools. He has taught Mathematics at all levels from years 8 to12. Ross brings a wide range of experience from education and other sectors to the writing of Mathematics textbooks – something he has been doing for over twenty years. Ross has significant experience and an ongoing interest in improving the school-to-work transition for secondary students.

Stephen Swift is the lead author of Nelson Think Maths 7–10 and Nelson Senior Maths for the Australian Curriculum: Mathematical Methods and Specialist Mathematics. He has taught all levels of mathematics in several states.


Visually appealing, full-colour design that clearly distinguishes exercises from theory and worked examples

Numerous examples and well-graded exercises, with the addition of many ‘foundation’- type problems

Clear explanations alongside mathematical worked examples

Detailed treatment of graphics calculator applications

Concise text and reduced page content to make the book more accessible to students End-of-chapter review exercises

The statistical information, prices and taxation have been brought up-to-date

Small sections have been combined to improve the fl ow of information across the series

The new chapter organisation has been designed to fit neatly in the school year

The authors have taken into account formal and informal feedback from Queensland teachers

Chapter reviews are now placed at the end of all chapters

12C is now in full-colour and includes a NelsonNet website and Teacher CD-ROMs

Associated Teacher Resource Packs have been updated and now include all Chapter Review answers.