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New Zealand and the World: The Search for Security in the 20th Century (Year 11)

By | Copyright Year:2008 | ISBN-13: 9780170197496

New Zealand and the World: The Search for Security in the 20th Century is a meaningful, highly illustrated study of New Zealand in the 20th century for NCEA Level One History.

Topic coverage:
This text covers all the requirements for the New Zealand's Search for Security, 1945-1985 topic, but has been updated to coverissues up to the year 2000.

Development of New Zealand's Foreign Policy
Cold War
Commonwealth and United Nations
- 1953-54 Royal Tour
- Korean War and other peace-keeping operations
South East Asia
Sporting Links with South Africa
The Pacific
- Decolonisation, immigration, aid and the Pacific Forum
Nuclear Issues
- Nuclear testing, nuclear ship visits, the end of ANZUS, and a Nuclear-Free South Pacific.

There is both a core set of text which all students should cover, plus Extension Reading and additional activities for the more able students.


Chapter One: New Zealand in 1945: Still 'For King and Country'
Chapter Two: New Zealand's search for security after World War Two
Chapter Three: War and peace: The Commonwealth and United Nations
Chapter Four: War and peace: South East Asia and the Pacific
Chapter Five: Rugby and racism: Sporting contacts with South Africa
Chapter Six: New Zealand and Pacific island nations
Chapter Seven: Nuclear issues


The following Achievement Standard skills are incorporated into activities to give students practice for assessments, whether Internal or External:

AS1.1: Select relevant evidence.

AS1.2: Identify and communicate relevant key ideas, with supporting evidence.

AS1.3: Examine historical sources and identify historical facts, ideas and points of view, describe relationships, and make judgements about the usefulness and/or reliability of the evidence provided in the sources.

AS1.4: Describe and explain perspectives, and express views consistent with these. (This skill is included, even though students may not answer on this topic in the exam, as the Achievement Standard states at the time of writing.)

AS1.5: Describe factors that have shaped a New Zealand identity, in an essay. Instructions are given on how to plan and write an essay. Each section has one or two AS1.5 style essay questions (with some content guidance).

AS1.6: At appropriate points in the text the preceding events are analysed in terms of their impact on the shaping of New Zealand identity.


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