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New Zealand Impact Players

By | Copyright Year:2009 | ISBN-13: 9780170180566

Each Impact Player exhibits one or more of the stated values to be encouraged, modelled and explored: excellence; innovation, inquiry and curiosity; diversity; equity; community and participation; ecological sustainability; integrity; respect.

Activities for students address the key competencies: thinking; using language, symbols and texts; managing self; relating to others; participating and contributing.

It supports the eight principles such as Treaty of Waitangi, Cultural diversity and Future focus where citizenship and enterprise are important.


Kate Sheppard and Jim Salinger – Community Crusaders
Samuel Parnell and Sam Morgan – Society Shapers
Te Puea Herangi and Lucy Lawless – Warrior Princesses
Marie Clay and Alan Duff – Reading Champions
Harold Gillies and Richard Taylor – Special Effects
John Britten and Tom Scott – Imaginative Artists
Clarence Beeby and Elizabeth Deuchrass – Social Educators
Joseph Nathan and Trelise Cooper – Business Gurus
Ernest Rutherford and Matthew During – Scientific Innovators
Jessie Mackay and The bro’town team – Contributing Artists
Michael Joseph Savage and Edmund Hillary – Community Icons
Anthony Wilding and A.J. Hackett – Crowd Thrillers
William Davidson and Julie Christie – Idea Sellers
Alan MacDiarmid and Colin Murdoch – Excellent Inventors
Mabel Howard and Pansy Wong – Social Diversity
Erueti Te Whiti-O-Rongomai III and Claudia Orange – Wise Words
James Hector and Marti Friedlander – Culture Conservationists
William Hudson and Neil Finn – Constructing Wizards
Bill Gallagher and Alison Holst – Creative Thinkers
Apirana Ngata and Pita Sharples – Community Mana
Kate Edger and Murray Halberg – Community Mentors
Truby King and Sue Kedgely – Social Guardians
Whina Cooper and Kiri Te Kanawa – Cultural Stars
James Wattie and Peter Jackson – Industry Kings
Moana-Nui-a-Kiwa-Ngarimu and Nancy Wake – Freedom Fighters
Jean Batten and Colin Meads – World Beaters
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Ruth Naumann is an experienced Social Studies teacher and the author of numerous social studies publications.