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New Zealand Pathfinder Series: Physics Year 13 - 9780170183123
144 Pages

New Zealand Pathfinder Series: Physics Year 13

By | Copyright Year:2002 | ISBN-13: 9780170183123

This book completes the senior school Physics course and provides a complete, highly illustrated, compact textbook for students taking NCEA Level Three Physics courses. This text is designed to support the learning and revision of scientific concepts, processes and skills of the New Zealand curriculum and provides a detailed easy-to-follow student development of the knowledge and skills required for the University Bursary Physics examination. Achievement Objectives 8.1 and 8.2 of the curriculum are supported. The practical investigation emphasis of Achievement Objective 8.3 is assisted by examples of the analysis of given practical results to determine relationships and explain applications of physics concepts.

Each book is divided into topics and each topic is usually divided into four 4 page units. Each unit has two pages of essential information with a special skill (linked to the curriculum) developed in detail. The information is presented in bulleted points with short, easily assimilated sentences, and all terms are clearly defined and reinforced by the range of self-assessment activities which follow. These activities of varying difficulty are designed not only to reinforce the information provided but to also test students' ability to recall content, understand concepts and interpret scientific information. Designed so that they can be used by students independently of specialist teacher input, equipment or other resources, full answers are included to allow for self-assessment.

This series is particularly useful for teachers to introduce topics, for homework and for revision of learning, and is especially suitable for relief work and for supporting non-specialist teachers. Note that the answer section is removable where teachers prefer that this information is not accessible to students. Lavishly published in full colour the Pathfinder series sets a new standard in textbooks for New Zealand students.


Skill A: Examination Skills
Skill B: Practical Skills

Translation Motion
Unit 1: Force & Momentum

Rotational Motion
Unit 2: Circular Motion
Unit 3: Angular Acceleration
Unit 4: Other Rotational Quantities
Unit 5: Newton's Law of Gravitation

Simple Harmonic Motion
Unit 6: Simple Harmonic Motion
Unit 7: More about simple harmonic motion
Unit 8: Simple harmonic motion application

Wave Motion
Unit 9: Waves and Phasors
Unit 10: Doppler Effect

Superposition of Waves
Unit 11: Standing Waves
Unit 12: Interference & Diffraction

Unit 13: One or Two Loop DC Circuits
Unit 14: Electric Field & the Capacitors
Unit 15: Applications of the Capacitor

Unit 16: Faraday's Law & Lenz's Law
Unit 17: Magnetic field and The Inductor
Unit 18: Applications of Inductors

Altering Current
Unit 19: AC Components
Unit 20: AC Circuits

Atomic Physics
Unit 21: Atomic Line Spectra
Unit 22: Quantum Theory
Unit 23: Bohr's Model of the H Atom

Nuclear Physics
Unit 24: Nuclear Energy
Unit 25: Nuclear Conservation Laws



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