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New Zealand Pathfinder Series: Science Book A

By | Copyright Year:2009 | ISBN-13: 9780170950558

New Zealand Pathfinder: Science Year 9 provides complete coverage of the Level One NCEA Science Achievement Standards. It is designed so that students will gain an understanding of essential scientific concepts, principals, formulae and skills. The new edition is accompanied by a CD-ROM that will assist students in their study of Science with homework revision sheets, web links and interactive activities.


* Layout redesigned to give a more spacious feel to the pages
* All diagrams replaced with scientifically accurate, professionally drawn images by New Zealand's top scientific illustrator, Tony Mander
* Fonts replaced with contemporary, easier-to-read fonts
* Many new photos are included
* All text edited to increase the clarity and simplicity of the language
* Terminology simplified wherever possible
* All content checked for scientific accuracy
* Complete coverage of all achievement objectives of the new New Zealand curriculum
* Curriculum coverage matrices included
* Existing topics and units aligned with the new curriculum
* New units added on waves and climate change to meet expectations of the new curriculum
* Glossaries and indexes expanded to better meet the needs of students.

Schools will need to demonstrate to ERO that their courses provide complete coverage of the achievement objectives of the new curriculum, so the curriculum coverage grid should engage the interest of teachers. All of the original topics and units are still there and have been linked to the new curriculum, so teachers do not need to be concerned that the topics that they have taught in the past will no longer be present in this highly popular series of books.

Also included with each book is a CD, which contains:

* Digital files for each page of the book
* Students worksheets and tests
* Enlarged versions of all diagrams, which can be used for teaching presentations or student handouts.


Curriculum Coverage
Unit Format

Living World Strand

Nature of Life
Unit 1: Living Things
Unit 2: Cellular Life
Unit 3: Diversity of Life
Unit 4: Microscopic Life

Plant Life Processes
Unit 5: Nutrition & Food
Unit 6: Circulation of Water
Unit 7: Reproduction
Unit 8: Growth & Sensitivity

Physical World Strand

Energy Changes & Heat
Unit 9: Types of Energy
Unit 10: Energy Transformation
Unit 11: Thermal Energy
Unit 12: Heat Transfer

Waves & Energy
Unit 13: Light Waves
Unit 14: Reflecting Light
Unit 15: Refracting Light
Unit 16: Colour & Wavelength
Unit 17: Sea & Sound Waves

Material World Strand

Matter & Particles
Unit 18: States of Matter
Unit 19: Changing States
Unit 20: Moving Particles
Unit 21: Dissolving Away

Atoms & Reactions
Unit 22: Atoms & Elements
Unit 23: Inside Atoms
Unit 24: Reacting Atoms
Unit 25: Gases & Reactions

Planet Earth & Beyond Strand

Solar System & Life
Unit 26: The Planets
Unit 27: The Sun & Stars
Unit 28: Earth's Motion
Unit 29: Conditions for Life