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New Zealand Pathfinder Series: Science Year 11 - 9780170177481
114 Pages

New Zealand Pathfinder Series: Science Year 11

By | Copyright Year:2008 | ISBN-13: 9780170177481

This book provides complete coverage of the Level One NCEA Science Achievement Standards. It is designed so that students will gain an understanding of essential scientific concepts, principles, formulae and skills.


Aspects of Biology (NCEA AS Science 1.3)

Unit 1: Bacteria, Fungi and Viruses
Unit 2: Helpful or Harmful? Transfer of Genetic Information
Unit 3: Variation and Reproduction
Unit 4: Chromosomes, DNA and Genes
Unit 5: Applied Genetics

Research - Case Study (NCEA AS Science 1.2)
Unit 6: Managing Plants and Animals

Aspects of Physics (NCEA AS Science 1.6)

Energy - Part 1
Unit 7: Energy and Change
Unit 8: Heat Energy and Transfer

Straight Line Motion & Force
Unit 9: Speed and Acceleration
Unit 10: Force, Mass and Momentum

Energy - Part 2
Unit 11: Energy, Work and Power

DC Electricity
Unit 12: Current, Circuits & Components
Unit 13: Current and Voltage
Unit 14: Resistance, Power and Energy

Aspects of Chemistry (NCEA AS Science 1.4)

Atomic Structure
Unit 15: Inside Atoms
Unit 16: Atom Arrangements

Reactions of Metals
Unit 17: Reaction Rates

Research - Case Study (NCEA AS Science 1.2)
Unit 18: Chemical Process
Unit 19: Metal Reaction

Reactions of Acids & Bases
Unit 20: Acids & Bases

Aspects of Geology (NCEA AS Science 1.5)

Types & Formation of Rocks
Unit 21: Identifying Rocks
Unit 22: Classifying Rocks
Unit 23: Past Events

Research-Case Study (NCEA AS Science 1.2)
Unit 24: Mineral Extraction

Aspects of Astronomy (NCEA AS Science 1.7)
Solar System
Unit 25: Heavenly Bodies
Unit 26: Exploring Space

Scientific Skills (NCEA AS Science 1.1)
Unit 27: Practical Investigation

Science & Technology (NCEA AS Science 1.2)
Unit 28: Research Assignment

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Skill-focused – both investigative and research skills included

Assessment-focused – extensive assessment activities testing recall, understanding and application included.

User-friendly – designed to make Science more understandable

Streamlined - only essential information included

Organised – easy to spot the topic which relates to class work


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