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New Zealand Pathfinder Series: Science Year 12, NCEA Level 2 - 9780170131322
136 Pages

New Zealand Pathfinder Series: Science Year 12, NCEA Level 2

By | Copyright Year:2007 | ISBN-13: 9780170131322

This book provides coverage of the Level Two NCEA Science Achievement Standards. It is designed so that students can understand and recall essential ideas, principles and processes.


The Factors and Processes Involved in the Evolution of New Zealand's Plants and Animals (90772)
Unit 1 Evolution of New Zealand’s plants and animals
Unit 2 Processes involved in the evolution of New Zealand’s Life
Unit 3 Evolution – the process on an isolated island
Unit 4 Evolution – the process in changing conditions

New Zealand’s Geological History (90767)
Unit 5 Processes involved in New Zealand’s geological history
Unit 6 Events in New Zealand’s geological history
Unit 7 Glaciation and Erosion – recent shapers of New Zealand

The Nature and Life Cycle of Stars (90764)
Unit 8 The nature of stars
Unit 9 The life cycle of stars

The Chemical Properties and Effects of Fertilisers (90766)
Unit 10 Fertilisers – soluble/insoluble, organic/inorganic
Unit 11 Fertilisers – ionic and molecular and the solution process
Unit 12 Soil – pH and ion exchange
Unit 13 Effects of fertilisers and soils on plants
Unit 14 Percentage composition

The Behaviour of Light (90768)
Unit 15 Reflection of light
Unit 16 Spherical mirrors
Unit 17 Refraction
Unit 18 Spherical lenses
Unit 19 Colour mixing
Periodic Table


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