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New Zealander Pathfinder Series: Biology Year 12

By | Copyright Year:2006 | ISBN-13: 9780170180931

The book provides a compact guide for year 12 Biology students. It is designed so that students can understand and recall the essential biological facts, principles and theories required for NCEA level two Biology.


Unit 1: The Science of Life
Unit 2: Classification of Organisms
Unit 3: Habitat and Adaptations
Unit 4: Population and Structure Dynamics
Unit 5: Biological Relationships
Unit 6: Community Links and Patterns
Unit 7: Ecosystem Functions
Unit 8: Managing Endangered Species
Unit 9: Controlling Pests
Unit 10: Managing Marine Ares
Unit 11: Rainforests Under Threat
Unit 12: Cell Structure and Function
Unit 13: Unicellular Organisms
Unit 14: Making and Moving Molecules
Unit 15: Enzymes and Cell Processes
Unit 16: Protein Synthesis and Cell Division
Unit 17: Animal Nutrition
Unit 18: Animal Gas Exchange
Unit 19: Animal Transport and Excretion
Unit 20: Variations in Birds and Insects
Unit 21: Animal Support and Movement
Unit 22: Animal Reproduction
Unit 23: Photosynthesis
Unit 24: Transport in Plants
Unit 25: Reproduction in Plants
Unit 26: Genetic Variation
Unit 27: Advanced Genetic Variation
Unit 28: Evidence for Evolution
Unit 29: Genetic Change
Unit 30: Evolution of Species*
Unit 31: Enzymes and Biotechnology
Unit 32: Cloning Mammals
Unit 33: Medical Technology
Unit 34: Modifying Human Performance
Unit 35: Reproductive Technology
Unit 36: Human Genetic Research
Unit 37: Artificial Selection
Unit 38: Genetic Manipulation

Removable Answers

* Unit 30 provides an introduction to the Year 13 Biology course and completes the coverage of Evolution.


Self-study focus – designed for students to use independent of teacher input

Current – based on the New Zealand curriculum and relevant NCEA standards

Skill-focus – special skills included with most units

Well-organised – easy to spot the topic which relates to classwork

Challenging – activities have been included to extend students


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