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Numeracy Practice Tests Year 7 - 9780170181778
112 Pages

Numeracy Practice Tests Year 7

By | Copyright Year:2011 | ISBN-13: 9780170181778

Numeracy Practice Tests Years 7 and 9 are workbooks that provide students with a series of practice tests as well as comprehensive information and worked examples on all sections of the Years 7 and 9 NAPLAN Numeracy test.^ The tests are divided into calculator-allowed and calculator-free booklets, and cover the topics of number, algebra, function and pattern, measurement, space and chance and data.

Numeracy Practice Tests Years 7 and 9 are designed to give students an overview of the assessment criteria in each section, and provide detailed test advice on how to correctly identify test question types and how to complete the test under time pressure.

These write-in-workbooks furthermore outline the different calculator skills students can use to complete and check their work under test conditions, and comes complete with annotations and scaffolded strategies to help students to successfully complete the national NAPLAN Year 7 Numeracy test.^

^ This book is not an officially endorsed publication of the NAPLAN project and is produced by Cengage Learning independently of Australian Governments.


• Introduction
• Test tips
• Pre-test checklist
• Test day checklist
• Calculator skills
• Three calculator-free practice tests and three calculator-allowed practice tests of graduated difficulty, content and length
• Bonus detachable tests – two full-length calculator-allowed tests and two full-length calculator-free tests
• Tips for teachers & handy checklists


Sue Ferguson is an experienced Maths teacher who has edited and written several maths books. She has also worked at the Mathematical Association of Victoria, the Curriculum Department in the Victorian Education Department, the Curriculum Corporation ACARA and currently works at the University of Victoria.

Wendy is an Education and Assessment Consultant who draws on diverse experience gained working at Curriculum Corporation, the Australian Council for Educational Research and as a teacher. Wendy has authored a variety of assessment materials and resources and has played key roles in national and jurisdiction assessment programs. Wendy worked with all Australian test administration authorities, as Assistant Project Director for the National Assessment Program Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN), to ensure the successful implementation of the inaugural NAPLAN tests across Australia.

Sarah Hamper is the Head Teacher Mathematics at Cheltenham Girls High School and has taught for over 20 years, mostly at Abbotsleigh School, Wahroonga. Sarah co-wrote New Century Maths 11-12 Mathematics Standard 2 and New Century Maths 9-10 and 9-10 Advanced.


Test tips – how to identify different question types and answer test questions under time pressure

Graduated difficulty – the book is divided into tests that gradually increase in length, content and difficulty. Use it throughout the semester, not just before the actual test

Includes four bonus detachable full-length tests – one for students’ practice and one to hand in. Produced on perforated paper, they allow for easy tear-out and can be used as formal assessment tasks

Bonus calculator skills section

Pre-test checklist – how to prepare to successfully sit the tests

Test day checklist – how to ensure you are prepared for test day

Comprehensive practice questions and solutions

Great value – designed and priced to be used by each individual student

No teacher preparation is required – students can write directly into the books

Bonus CD at the back of each book containing solutions and tips for teachers & handy checklists