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Organisation And Management: Your Personal Workbook - Business Studies Years 11-13 - 9780170131407
156 Pages

Organisation And Management: Your Personal Workbook - Business Studies Years 11-13

By | Copyright Year:2007 | ISBN-13: 9780170131407

The books in this series are written to be used in courses such as NZ Diploma in Business, National Diploma in Business, Travel and Tourism Certificates and Diplomas, university and polytechnic 100 level degree papers and some Foundation Studies programmes. The books are designed as supporting materials to the nominated textbooks. They synthesise complex data in a simple way and allow students who cannot or do not use textbooks effectively to achieve learning. This approach also helps them work out how to use weighty and comprehensive textbooks. This is a series of student workbooks based on a strongly visual learning approach with a range of self-tests that can be used independently by students or worked on during group tutorials. These can vary in standard, dependent on the learning outcomes specified in the curriculum. The series therefore has added value for students who are learning in English as a second language e.g. Polynesian, Maori, Chinese or other Asian, African and European students. The academic level has been set at level 5 but can be used at levels 4 to 6. It is based on the NZQA Model of Assessment RCAP. R=Recall, C=Comprehension, A=Application and P=Problem solving.


1 An overview: What is management?
2 How organisations developed
3 Types of organizations
4 A review of the external environment
5 The role of organisational culture
6 The job of managing
7 Planning
8 Controlling
9 Organising
10 Managing versus leadership
11 Motivation
12 Problem solving and decision making
13 Globalisation
14 Ethical issues and social responsibility


Paul Rose has taught and written about marketing for the last two decades in both New Zealand and Australia. This has included course development and construction, course notes for distance learning programmes, textbooks in sales, sales management, advertising, marketing, marketing management and pricing as well as other related topics. He is a consultant to a wide range of local and international organisations and lives in Auckland


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