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Our Government

By | Copyright Year:2010 | ISBN-13: 9780170182232

Our Government is a Social Studies book designed to help young New Zealanders to understand how systems of Governments are organised and affect people’s lives.
Students will become familiar with what a Government is and what it does. They will gain knowledge about the system of Government we have in New Zealand, its origins, how it operates and how it compares with other systems of Government. They will also be introduced to some of the rights and responsibilities we have as members of society. The approach is investigative. Resources and activities work together to provide a framework in which the process of learning is as important as the end-content.


1 What is Government?
2 Where did our ideas on Government come from?
3 Was there a system of Government before Europeans came?
4 What important events helped develop our system of
5 How to form a Coalition Government.
6 What is the difference between national and local
7 Where is New Zealand’s Parliament located?
8 How do you go about voting?
9 How would I go about becoming an MP?
10 How are ideas made into laws?
11 From where does Government get money and how does
Government spending impact on me?
12 How does our type of Government affect our lives?
13 How do Government decisions affect our lives?
14 What other systems of Government exist?
15 How did the Nazi Party rise to power in Germany?
16 How did the Nazi Party control German society?
17 What happened if you opposed Nazi ideas?
18 Could there be a dictatorship in New Zealand?
Glossary of Political Terms


The origins, development, and functions of systems of government, of

Our Government addresses Identity, Culture and Organisation. It is about

Our Government links into the Processes of Inquiry, Values exploration


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