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Power, Prosperity and Promise: A History of the USA 1898-1941 - 9780170197915
248 Pages

Power, Prosperity and Promise: A History of the USA 1898-1941

By | Copyright Year:2004 | ISBN-13: 9780170197915

This text has been written for the Stage 6 Modern History syllabus in New South Wales but the content will appeal to Senior History students throughout Australia studying the topic of USA History in the twentieth century. The text covers a brief introduction to explain 'USA before 1898', but concentrates on the implications of political and social changes within the USA since that time.


Chapter 1: Migration, westward expansion, manifest destiny and the end of the era of the frontier
Chapter 2: The Spanish-American war, diplomacy and expansion
Chapter 3: Industrial growth, consumerism and migration in the development of American society and the economy
Chapter 4: Class divisions in American society and their social and political implications up to the 1920s
Chapter 5: Race relations during the progressive era, 1898-1917
Chapter 6: The development of isolationism in foreign policy in the 1920s and its domestic implications
Chapter 7: Growth of social conservatism, anti-consumerism and welfare policies during the 1920s and the 1930s
Chapter 8: Growth of racial tension and violence and its impact on the north and the south
Chapter 9: Implications of the Jazz Age
Chapter 10: The prohibition era (1920-1933), its impact on American society, and the growing influence of gangsters
Chapter 11: The role and importance of Hollywood and the Americanism of global culture
Chapter 12: The aims and application of the first and second New Deals
Chapter 13: The New Deal policies and opposition to them
Chapter 14: The arrogance of power: William Randolph Hearst (1863-1951)
Chapter 15: The arrogance of power: John Edgar Hoover (1895-1972)


A clear narrative style with sufficient coverage to allow students to develop features, events, groups and concepts in adequate depth to fully complete study requirements

Chapters on William Randolph Hearst and J Edgar Hoover to reflect the New South Wales Board of Studies requirement that students explore the role of personalities during the era

Extensive and varied primary and secondary source materials designed to encourage students to ask historical questions and to develop the essential skills of analysis and interpretation

Detailed vocabulary lists to assist students in mastering key concepts and terms

Comprehensive timelines for each chapter

Presentation of the important historical debates and the offering of differing interpretations of historians to explain this period of USA history


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