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Problems in Physics

By | Copyright Year:1986 | ISBN-13: 9780170214476

Problems in Physics caters for the diversity of Physics courses Australia wide. Examples of topics include: household a.c. supply, gravitational potential, electronics, thermodynamics, solar, wind, wave and tidal energy, relativity, fluid dynamics, a.c. circuits, binding energy and stability of nuclei, and nuclear radiation and health.


Part 1: Tools of trade for the physicist

Part 2: Motion

Part 3: Waves

Part 4: Sound

Part 5: Mainly light

Part 6: Heat

Part 7: Electricity

Part 8: Atomic and nuclear physics


Wide range of topics included to cover the senior syllabuses in all Australian states

Classification of questions by sub topics at the beginning of each set, to assist students and teachers following different syllabuses

Increased number of easy, confidence building problems at the beginning of sub topics

More structured problems, designed to encourage appropriate sequential reasoning, especially at the beginning of a new topic

Inclusion of the title and number of the problem set at the top of each page for easy recognition and location of specific problem areas


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