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Programming with Visual Basic Express

By | Copyright Year:2009 | ISBN-13: 9780170183376

Programming with Visual Basic® Express, Fourth Edition, provides a complete
course of instruction in Visual Basic® Express: Microsoft’s exciting new
programming system. Visual Basic® Express is not simply an extension of earlier
versions of Visual Basic®, it is a fully object-oriented development environment.

Programming with Visual Basic® Express, Fourth Edition, does not assume any
prior knowledge, guiding the user from the very simplest applications to those of
considerable complexity.

Programming with Visual Basic® Express, Fourth Edition, is an excellent textbook for programming courses and an invaluable teacher reference manual. It has been developed
specifically for the Australian Years 10-12 classroom and is ideally suited to all cutting-edge Information Technology and Computer Studies courses. A CD is included in the text with the following support material:

• text and picture files
• fully developed programming exercises
• solutions to all programming exercises
• additional resource materials
• bookmarked PDF of text.
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1 Problems and algorithms
2 Visual Basic® fundamentals
3 Branching
4 Visual Basic® variables
5 Counted and conditional loops
6 Text file processing
7 Animation and graphics
8 Visual Basic® collections and arrays
9 Databases and ADO.NET
10 Recursive functions and procedures


Graeme Summers is a teacher of Information Processing and Technology (IPT) at Coolum State High School, Queensland. He has been honoured with the prestigious QSITE Teacher Award for Leadership in Educational Computing (Queensland Society for Information Technology in Education). Graeme is currently an ACCE Professional Associate (Australian Council for Computers in Education). He has been actively involved in computer education and software development in Australia since 1980.


Problem solving and program design

Events, objects and OOP

Variables and data types

Branching and loops

Web applications and ASP

Text file processing

Collections and arrays

Graphics and animation

Databases and ADO