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Rhymes About Jack and Billy and Sam and Bingo - 9780170241984
16 Pages

Rhymes About Jack and Billy and Sam and Bingo

By | Copyright Year:2013 | ISBN-13: 9780170241984

PM Oral Literacy Rhymes Little Book 3 includes all the rhymes from the PM Rhymes Big Book about favourite characters Rabbit, Monkey and Little Teddy, Jack and Billy, and the Toytown vehicles.

Rhymes Little Book 3 is one of four Rhymes Little Books, all designed to be used by students, in conjunction with the Rhymes Big Book and the IWB CD-ROM.


Rhymes About Monkey, Rabbit and Little Teddy
The Boat Ride
The Race
Rhymes About Jack and Billy
Playing with Dad
Billy Is Hiding
The Big Hit
New Boots
Rhymes About Toytown Vehicles
The Toytown Tow Truck
The Toytown Fire Engine