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Science Basics Book 2 - 9780170950619
88 Pages

Science Basics Book 2

By | Copyright Year:2005 | ISBN-13: 9780170950619

Science Basics is an affordable New Zealand Science course specifically written for Years 9 and 10. Student write-on texts build up a complete set of notes and practical activities reinforce key ideas. The easy-to-read text is highly illustrated. Full notes for teachers are contained in the teachers’ books while practical work and ready-to-use tests in NCEA format are found on the CDs.


Topic 1 Food and Health
Unit 1 Food
Unit 2 Carbohydrates
Unit 3 Proteins
Unit 4 Fats
Unit 5 Energy values of food
Unit 6 Vitamins and minerals, water and fibre
Unit 7 Digestion and the digestive system
Unit 8 Eating disorders
Unit 9 Child obesity – are fad diets the answer?
Topic 2 Everyday Elements and Compounds
Unit 10 Elements, compounds and mixtures
Unit 11 Separating mixtures
Unit 12 Atoms, elements and the Periodic Table
Unit 13 Compounds
Unit 14 Oxygen – the element of life
Unit 15 Hydrogen – an explosive element
Unit 16 Carbon dioxide – fizz and foam
Unit 17 Plastics – the material of our time
Topic 3 Energy All Around Us
Unit 18 What is energy
Unit 19 Forms of energy
Unit 20 Energy transferred and transformed
Unit 21 Efficiency and power
Unit 22 The energy of food
Unit 23 Non-renewable energy sources
Unit 24 Energy for the future – renewable energy sources
Unit 25 An example of alternative energy production in New Zealand
Topic 4 Out of this World
Unit 26 The third rock from the sun
Unit 27 The Moon – Earth’s natural satellite
Unit 28 Space Exploration – inner planets of Venus and Mars
Unit 29 Space Exploration – outer planets of Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus
Unit 30 Satellites
Unit 31 GPS – Global Positioning System
Unit 32 Space travel – living in space
Unit 33 Space spin-offs
Answers – removable section in centre of book


Written for the New Zealand Science curriculum.

Easy-to-read English.

Students don’t have to write so much in class, meaning there is more time for practical work.

Pull-out answer section in the centre of each student book.

Full notes for teachers in the teachers’ books.

Ideal for use in class and at home.

Provides students with a reference set of completed notes.

Practical work on the CD.

Tests in helpful NCEA format on the CD.

Teachers Book and CD – very comprehensive


By | ISBN-13: 9781869465421
The student book is supported by a comprehensive Teachers Book & CD which includes full teaching notes for each unit, ideas for extension work, topic tests along NCEA lines (to familiarise students with the style), answers to all questions, a set of worksheets, and a comprehensive range of practicals provided as photocopy masters. Teachers are provided with a choice of investigative approach in each topic where possible - some investigations lend themselves to student planning and carrying out, while others follow the traditional recipe format.
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