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Science Works 1

By | Copyright Year:2008 | ISBN-13: 9780170950152

Science Works 1 is the first book in an engaging New Zealand science course written and designed for years 7 and 8 students. Curriculum-linked, full colour and visually attractive, each book is divided into manageable topics. Topics are presented with learners in mind and key scientific concepts are introduced in language which is easily processed.

Extension activities and hands-on practicals are also included and questions have been written to cover the 3-storey approach to learning. Book 1 has 16 chapters on the 'Living World' and 'Planet Earth and Beyond' strands.

A teacher’s book accompanies the text and includes additional support material for teachers as well as extra practical activities for class use.


Respiration and circulation
The five senses
Food and digestion
Microbes - the good, the bad and the ugly
Living things
Rocky shore
Plant power
Forest home
Extinct and endangered animals and adaptations
Earth's crust, volcanoes and lahars
Clouds and the water cycle
Rocks and weathering
Natural disasters
The solar system
Space exploration
Sun, moon, tides and time


Flexible: definitely not a tightly-integrated ‘package’ that needs to be presented in a particular way or in a particular sequence

Highly visual

Accessible writing style

In this chapter we will learn briefly tells students what they will cover

Hands-on activities range from simple observations to proper science experiments that can easily completed in the classroom, without extensive preparation, and without access to specialised science equipment

Questions and Extension activities

Teacher’s books provide support for teachers who do not have a strong science background and contain answers to the end of chapter questions, additional hands-on activities and extra formative questions as well as summative assessment


By | ISBN-13: 9780170950572
This teacher’s guide accompanies Science Works 1, the first of two books aimed at years 7 and 8 and written specifically for the 2007 New Zealand curriculum. Whether you as teacher have a science background or not, you will find this guide indispensable.
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