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Science Works 2: Teacher's Guide - 9780170950589
352 Pages

Science Works 2: Teacher's Guide

By | Copyright Year:2009 | ISBN-13: 9780170950589

Science Works 2 Teacher's Book accompanies the text in Science Works 2 Student's Book and includes additional support material for teachers as well as extra practical activities for class use.


1. Kitchen action
2. Bouncing back
3. Chemical reactions
4. Atoms and matter
5. Electric effect
6. From X-rays to radio
7. Forces
8. What's hot
9. Seeing the light
10. Magnetic attraction
11. Melting moments
12. Mixing and separating
13. Sorting materials
14. Sounding waves
15. The air around us
16. Clean water


Flexible: definitely not a tightly-integrated ‘package’ that needs to be presented in a particular way or in a particular sequence

Highly visual

Accessible writing style

In this chapter we will learn briefly tells students what they will cover

Hands-on activities range from simple observations to proper science experiments that can easily completed in the classroom, without extensive preparation, and without access to specialised science equipment

Questions and Extension activities

Teacher’s books provide support for teachers who do not have a strong science background and contain answers to the end of chapter questions, additional hands-on activities and extra formative questions as well as summative assessment