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Senior Business Studies for New Zealand (NCEA Levels 1-2)

By | Copyright Year:2012 | ISBN-13: 9780170215732

Senior Business Studies for New Zealand is the first New Zealand Business Studies student book for secondary schools which is written to incorporate both the new Teaching and Learning Guidelines and NCEA assessment for Levels 1 and 2. Senior Business Studies for New Zealand includes local, national and global examples of enterprise. It encourages future small and large business leaders and entrepreneurs by using engaging business case studies to demonstrate the very best of New Zealand enterprise and initiative. Where appropriate, international case studies also help to illustrate key concepts.

Students will be encouraged to research new companies to build their knowledge of all types of businesses, along with revisiting existing companies. Suggestions are given for class discussion with extension topics available to satisfy the whole range of achievement levels.


Unit 1: Business activity in New Zealand
Unit 2: Big idea 1: Risk-taking, innovation and the importance of creativity in business enterprise
Unit 3: The importance of aims and objectives
Unit 4: Stakeholders
Unit 5:The external environment
Unit 6: Big idea 2: Sustainability
Unit 7: Big idea 3: Corporate and social responsibility (CSR)
Unit 8: Business success
Unit 9: Business formation
Unit 10: Source of finance
Unit 11: Business planning and decision-making
Unit 12: Financial records
Unit 13: The cashflow cycle
Unit 14: Controlling financial information for reporting and decision-making
Unit 15: Market research
Unit 16: The marketing mix
Unit 17: The production process and supply chain
Unit 18: Growth Strategies
Unit 19: Organisational structure
Unit 20: People in business: Entrepreneurs, leaders and managers
Unit 21: Communication
Unit 22: Motivation
Unit 23: Organisational Culture
Unit 24: Recruitment
Unit 25: Rights and responsibilities of employees and employers
Unit 26: Trade Unions and employer associations
Unit 27: Globalisation
Appendix A
Extended Case studies
• Afterglo
• Whale Watch Kaikoura
• The Internet and New Zealand business: Opportunities and challenges for retailers
• Air New Zealand
Appendix B
Sample examination questions
• External Achievement Standard 90837 and 90838 (Level 1)
• External Achievement Standard 90843 and 90844 (Level 2)


Lloyd Gutteridge is an experienced teacher and senior examiner of Business and Management both in New Zealand and internationally.