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Social Studies Skills Book 1

By | Copyright Year:2012 | ISBN-13: 9780170230766

These cost-effective, innovative, full colour Social Studies workbooks are designed to be used for homework, revision or class-work in New Zealand Social Studies classes.

Skills units are self-contained and can be approached in any order, examples: analysing maps, cartoons, photos; making flow charts, timelines, problem-solving, paragraph writing, multi-choice questions, visual information, perspective etc.

Settings are widely used in New Zealand schools, examples: Human Rights, Our Economy, Kiwiana, Multiculturalism, Waitangi Day, Environmental Disasters etc.


1 Understanding Kiwiana
2 Understanding culture
3 Understanding multiculturism
4 Understanding natural and cultural features
5 Understanding consumer rights and responsibilities
6 Understanding archaeology
7 How to analyse line and column graphs
8 How to analyse a map
9 How to analyse a photo
10 How to analyse an aerial photo
11 How to analyse a cartoon
12 How to analyse a poster
13 How to show location
14 How to locate Asia
15 How to make a flow chart
16 How to make a comic strip
17 How to make a glossary
18 How to make a timeline
19 How to make a star diagram
20 How to answer multi-choice questions
21 Problem-solving
22 Knowing events have causes and effects
23 Knowing primary resources
24 Knowing secondary resources
25 How to sort out fact and opinion
26 Understanding rich and poor countries
27 How to find evidence
28 How to write a paragraph
29 How to identify the main idea and other key ideas
30 How to write a diary entry
31 How to transfer visual information to written information
32 How to compare and contrast
33 Understanding human rights
34 Working out perspective

Index and Skills summary


Ruth Naumann is an experienced Social Studies teacher and the author of numerous social studies publications.


By | ISBN-13: 9780170239714
The Teacher Guide CD is a full colour resource. It contains complete answers overlaid on the actual pages of Social Studies Skills Book 1.
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