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Technical Drawing: An Australian Course in Graphics

By | Copyright Year:1990 | ISBN-13: 9780170218092

This book has been written for students of technical drawing. It has been designed to give sound educational training in the important fundamentals of technical drawing without any specified bias towards one particular vocation. Each section of the book has been given thorough coverage, with a large number of exercises for each section. Practice gained from solving these exercises should make the students better drafters, and broaden their knowledge and understanding of technical drawing.


Chapter 1: Introductory and standards information
Chapter 2: Geometrical constructions, charts and diagrams
Chapter 3: Descriptive geometry
Chapter 4: Orthogonal projection
Chapter 5: Drawing analysts
Chapter 6: Primary auxiliary views
Chapter 7: Pictorial drawing
Chapter 8: Working drawings
Chapter 9: Surveying and setting out
Chapter 10: Cabinet drawing
Chapter 11: Architectural drawing and light construction
Chapter 12: Developments and intersections of solids


Up-to-date material on machinery, techniques, hardware and power tools

Gallery of designs and ideas by Australian craftsmen

Forestry in Australia

Emphasis on creativity in the classroom

Revised activities and review questions

New contemporary projects, cabinet and furniture design

Emphasis on the principles of design and techniques to suit

Industrial Technology and Design and Technology

Increased use of technology and website references

Revised information relating to the timber industry and environmental issues


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